The distribution sector and its digitalization challenges.

The digitalisation of the economy has been accelerating for several years. This change is leading to a disruption of economic models: the emergence of e-commerce, the reorganisation of sales channels, and an increase in the customer experience.... Faced with a multi-channel consumer seeking to get the "best" out of each channel, the retailer must propose and optimise his offer.

In order to meet these challenges, the players in the retail sector are facing new challenges every day: staying at the forefront of a rapidly changing sector, taking into account new consumer concerns and integrating digital transformation to meet the strategic challenges imposed by the acceleration ofIT innovation and the transformation of consumer uses. The latter now has new needs in terms of sustainable development, product traceability, ethics and health.


Avaliance assists its clients in the distribution sector with their IS transformation projects, taking into account the operational and competitive dimensions.

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Integration of new distribution flows

  • Optimisation of existing flows
  • Gap analysis between existing and target in terms of distribution processes
  • Integration of flows to improve the logistic scheme

Establishment of a product benchmark

  • Analysis of the existing repository
  • Definition of nomenclatures and reconciliation with shop usage
  • Proposal of a product, shop and location reference system that meets the norms and standards

Development of a stock management application

  • Facilitation of business workshops to establish the target inventory management process
  • Definition of interactions with the existing ERP
  • Development of the application in .NET, which interfaces in real time with shop data