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The arrival of 5G is eagerly awaited. It promises fibre-like speeds, near-zero latency, and ultra-connectivity. For telecom operators, the challenge is to manage the additional data traffic that will be generated. For this, major investments must be made in infrastructure. This represents a real issue with high technical and financial stakes.

In addition, the emergence of other players on the market such as the GAFAs represents a second challenge. Indeed, the rise in power of these content creators is considerably reducing the market share of telecom operators. The latter are thus obliged to diversify and look for new growth drivers in order to sustain their activities.


At Avaliancewe closely follow the evolutions and challenges of the sector in which we are present through our support and expertise in IS infrastructure as well as issues related to the Cloud and Data.

The role of Avaliance in all this!

To face these two major challenges, telecom operators must inevitably anticipate their ability to keep up with their customers' needs.

In this context, Avaliance has been involved in WAN redesign projects , multi-connectivity with fluid management between the different operators, redesign of build and run processes, between large accounts and telecom operators. In addition, Avaliance has also assisted MVNOs in the implementation of their IP backbone, necessary for the adoption of 5G services for their customers.

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Unified Communication Master Plan

  • Analysis of the existing situation: network & telecom infrastructures, ongoing rationalisation projects, support governance, economic model for infrastructure regeneration, pricing policy, etc.
  • Definition of the technical and organisational requirements for studying the eligibility of sites for these new services 
  • Technical, organisational and financial impact study of the integration of these services
  • Defining the break-even point for upgrading a site to unified communications services
  • Definition of the transformation roadmap taking into account feasibility, adaptability and profitability

IS security deployment for a telecom integrator

  • Control of project costs and deadlines
  • Monitoring of the implementation and validation of the quality of the deliverables
  • Governance and management of project portfolios: design of the different phases of projects, management of steering committees with the client,
  • Reporting on the progress of projects.
  • Project risk management: analysis and identification of project risks, discussion of project risks with stakeholders and identification of ways to mitigate them, communication with clients.

Implementation of Cisco TOIP at a telecom integrator

  • Facilitation of workshops with entity managers to define the data collection trajectory
  • Development of the group rights matrix 
  • Drafting of a technical design document
  • Drafting of a document for network requirements

LAN and WIFI overhaul of client sites in France and abroad

  • Pre-sales phase: costing of services
  • Monitoring and planning of engineers, technicians and subcontractors
  • P&L management
  • Risk management
  • Management of roles and responsibilities

Development of a monitoring service offer for a telecom operator

  • Benchmark of network monitoring probes on the market
  • Development of a monitoring service offer for major international clients
  • Definition of the financial billing model
  • Drafting of the technical service agreement with SLAs and KPIs