Avaliance, a firm committed to a sustainable CSR approach

Ecovadis Silver 2020 certified , Avaliance is committed to a constant search for economic balance and the consideration of social and societal concerns in order to meet the strategic challenges of the society in which we evolve. Thus, the CSR approach of Avaliance is structured around 4 strategic axes:

Being a responsible employer

Avaliance works for diversity, fair treatment of our employees and candidates and encourages the professional development and fulfilment of our Avaliens. The development of skills, motivation and well-being of our Avaliens are thus at the heart of our CSR policy.

Being a committed consultancy 

By integrating CSR issues into the practice of our profession and into our daily life, Avaliance has chosen to establish a responsible and environmentallyfriendly purchasing policy.

Being a trusted partner

Ensuring transparency and data protection in all our processes.

Have a positive social and societal footprint

By limiting the environmental impact of our firm: zero paper and zero waste!